Freelance Start

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Freelance, the new normal. Be the boss of what you do.

Freelance isn't the easy way out, it's the independent way to go.

Starting freelancing is hard. The risk is big. This guide will show you battle-proven strategies on how to start freelancing when you're still at work or attending uni. Just reading this ebook will radically increase your odds for success.

What chapters are included? 

1) Why should you start freelancing in the first place?

Freelancing is a way of life for millions of workers around the world who either can’t or don’t want to work for someone else anymore.

This doesn’t just apply to graphic designers, web developers, or writers – just about any job can also be done by a freelancer.

For starters, freelancers have more time to themselves than the average 9 to 5 employee and can structure their days how they like. Yet it's not easy. That's why I wrote the ebook.

2) How to learn a high-income skill

Freelancing is a nice way to earn money on the side, but it is also risky. To build a successful freelancing business you need a skill that is highly in demand, and the most profitable skills are usually in high demand for other reasons too, like being difficult to learn.

In this part I will give the best tips on how to approach the learning phase so you can be sure your hard work will bring its rewards.

3) How to price your services in a way you don't get busto

As a freelancer, pricing your services can be one of the hardest parts of the job. You don't want to price too low and lose money, but you don't want to price too high and lose clients.

Pricing too high devalues your work and can make you look greedy. Pricing too low causes that people respect neither your work nor your time.

What price should you charge for your services?

This is the question you will face your whole freelance career. In this chapter I will break down for you, how should you approach it.

4) How to get a killer testimonial

Finding the first clients it's the hardest part. It’s an obvious problem, but an important one: if you can’t find people to hire you, then you can’t make money. So, how do you do that?

The key to getting a freelancing gig is often the testimonial. A glowing reference from a previous client can be the difference between landing a job and not.

That's why getting a testimonial from a client is so important for a freelancer's marketing.

The testimonial is a single, powerful statement that showcases your value in the marketplace and provides evidence of your success. But it doesn't happen without a bit of effort.

I will show you tricks of the trade, and the testimonial template you can always keep with you.

5) 10 Skills that Will Skyrocket Your Freelance Career

You want to start freelancing. You want the freedom to set your own hours, pick your own projects, and do work that you find interesting and challenging.

You also want to make enough money to pay for vacations, your cell phone, and your Netflix subscription. (In that order, hopefully.)

You also don't want to spend hours looking for jobs, and writing cover letters, and putting together a portfolio. You want to get hired on the spot. I will introduce you to the skills that will help you with this.

If I made it, you can make it as well!

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Freelance Start

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